Young woman laying on an exam table while a doctor marks the area for her ocuplastic surgeryTotal well-being transcends physical wellness. It also includes emotional wellness, often in the form of self-confidence and a positive attitude. Kentucky Eye Care offers several options to help you maintain a genuinely youthful appearance and to prevent long-term damage to the eye. In addition to our most popular options, cosmetic Botox and Latisse (both of which need to be selected and administered by one of our skilled health practitioners to ensure positive results), we also offer the following Oculoplastic surgical options.

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelift): A surgery of the eyelids to remove excess skin or subcutaneous fat
  • External Levator Resection (ELR): Ptosis, or droopy eyelid, repair procedure
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy: A surgical procedure that restores the flow of tears
  • Mohs: The reconstruction of the eyelid after cancerous tissue is removed
  • Orbital Fracture Repair: The reconstruction of the bones encasing the eye
  • Ectropion & Entropion Repair: A technique to correct inverted eyelids

Considering oculoplastic surgery? Request an appointment to discuss whether the procedure is right for you.

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